MTEK Power 200AH/12V Tubular Battery

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The MTEK Power 200AH/12V Tubular Battery is a wet cell battery designed for deep cycle usage. This next-generation tubular battery is designed for inverters and UPS systems. With the new bigger container design the MTEK Power Tubular Battery can hold 30% more electrolytes, thereby reducing the frequency of adding distilled water.


MTEK Power 200AH/12V Tubular Battery is extra strong and has long-lasting battery life. Besides, It has a great design and a longer warranty period. As a matter of fact, it is highly reliable and suitable for heavy applications.

As common with tubular batteries, The MTEK Power 200AH/12V does not need frequent water topping up, unlike normal batteries. It also has the ability to discharge fully and recover quickly.

Some features of the battery include:

  • Fast deep discharge recovery
  • Long hour backup
  • High durability with sealed plastic housing
  • 30% more electrolyte
  • Enhanced grid design
  • Increased back-up time
  • Very efficient in hybrid applications
  • Up to 18 months warranty



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