Microteck 2.3KVA/24V Sine Wave Inverter

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The Microteck 2.3KVA/24V Sine Wave Inverter

  • fast charging
  • more load capacity
  • enhances battery life
  • more back-up time


The Microteck 2.3KVA/24V Sine Wave Inverter is a single-phase 2300va inverter. Manufactured in India the inverters use the latest in  MPPT/PWM algorithm to produce a smooth pure sine wave output, that allows the device to run without a continuous humming or buzzing sound. Thereby creating a safer and noiseless inverter solution.

Desing with bigger transformers the Microteck 2.3KVA/24V Sine Wave Inverter can provide better performance for a longer period of time. Making it suitable to provide an affordable alternative power solution for homes and small businesses.


  • Highly Efficient PWM Charging ensures More Battery Life and Improved Solar System Performance.
  • Automatically recognizes Day & Night.
  • Mosfet Switching System.
  • Micro Controller-based design.
  • Priority Load Sharing through Solar during the daytime, thereby saving your mains electricity.
  • Functions independently as a Solar Charge Controller when the front Switch is in Off Position.
  • Compatible with all types of BatteriesSMF/Flat Plate/Tubular.

Lastly, the Microteck inverter offers up to a 12-months after-sales warranty.


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