The Home automation 5.2meter Smart Curtain Motor automates the opening and closing of your windows or blinds. The Curtains and blinds can be opened and closed according to brightness, or scheduled to open and close.

The Home automation 5.2meter Smart Curtain Motor is Compatible with multiple types of curtains and blinds. With the Supports CoSS protocol, the smart curtain motor is able to control the curtain or blinds from the comfort of the smartphone.

Product specification:

Model number: BCM100D

Curtain Length: 5.2meters

Moving speed: 12cm/second

Related Torque: 1.2Nm

Operating Temperature: -20 to 85 celsius

Operating humidity: 0 to 80%

power Supply: 100-240v

Power Consumption: 40w

Power cable length: 85cm

Maximum Load: 4oKg

Radio Protocol: CoSS

Signal Range(Open Feild): 100m

Color: White

Dimension: 270*50*50mm

Weight: 5kg

Casing: ABS, aluminum

The 5.2meter Smart Curtain Motor can be paired with the other smart home appliances, through their designated apps

The Home automation 5.2meter Smart Curtain Motor is a device that can control and take charge of the shading system of your curtains


  • Adjustable track length
  • One tap to control the whole shading system
  • Scheduled task
  • Accurate control by percentage
  • Voice control


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